Following The voting of the games, each team leaders were assigned a group. For Able, the team is as follows: Me (Syl), Tom, Sam, James W and Rhys. We have a wide range of skills and hopefully, people will stick to task to produce a good game at the end. After introductions, I set people basic 1st tasks to make sure that we were prepped and ready for the development process.

First of all I set up a Trello board:

This board is where I will put set tasks as well as useful links and resources. This will ensure that we are all on the same page ready for Development. I asked each member of my team to join the board as well as making sure that they had set up their own personal development blog so that we can keep track and maintain progress. I did the same. I also set the task of making sure that each member of the team was familiar with the GDD as it will result in it being an easier process if they know the game.

Link to the GDD:

Today we had our first meeting both with James S and with the group. It was me, Tom and Rhys present for this first meeting. The initial point of this meeting was to determine both what needs to be done as well as how we were going to do it, as well as to assign tasks to people and making sure that they knew what the game was about and why. We discussed what level/s of the game we will produce for our verticle slice and came to the conclusion that we would create the start of the game to introduce the mechanics, and then go on to have the wolf level as we had the most design work to start from. The starting point of the game will explain the basic mechanics such as walk and run, the second point will introduce more complex mechanics such as kick and pick up; it is still to be decided how we will do this, but it is intended that it is done through the environment.

The tasks set for this week are as follows:

  • Rhys and Sam (tentative) – Practice emulating the game style
    • producing studies of existing design work of the game focusing on utilizing brush work, blending, texture and understanding of form construction within the game.
      • This is so that we can decide who will have the correct skill to be able to work on the game assets and making sure that the style of the game is consistent so that it looks pleasing to the eye.
  • Tom – Figuring out what happen in the ‘complex mechanic’ stage
    • will produce several design ideas to introduce the more complicated mechanics such as ‘kick’, ‘pick-up’ and ‘crouch’.
    • these design ideas will be to do with how the environment can introduce these mechanics.
      • This is so that we can ensure that the game will be fun for the player, not having the typical kind of ‘tutorial’ and allowing the player to explore as they learn.
  • James W (tentative) – Producing a basic prototype exploring the basic mechanics
    • Will produce a basic prototype showing ‘walk’, ‘run’ and ‘jump. Assigning a key binding to each.
      • this will establish a basic start to the programming of our game.
  • Syl – Basic outline for Project Overview and Scope. As well as beginning to compile a style guide
    • Produce basic outline for both
      • Will provide a starting point for the team to ensure that everybody knows what we are creating and it is all consistent.

These tasks will be completed hopefully by the 9th, as this is the deadline set. At which point we will have another meeting to ensure that people have met their deadlines and assign new tasks.


Sylvia wilson