Today we had our second meeting. We went through and made sure that everybody had done their work and that they had no problems. Everybody seemed to be okay and had the deliverables, however, James said he had run into a few problems regarding the coding- that he was struggling a bit to figure out the basics. Because of this, we decided that it would probably be beneficial for him to work alongside Rhys for the coding. Overall, however, the meeting was very positive. People seemed happy with where the project was going and how we were doing it.

We determined that we should really start to get into the actual production of the game; looking into how the entire game will be laid out and making a start on the things that will be vital to the game: these were things such as UI, mechanics/level design, animation and more complex coding.

These were the tasks that were set:

  • Syl – Continuation of animations from GDD work and visual storyboard
    • Animations that will be continued will be those of which had already been started in the initial GDD
    • Storyboard should cover the visual aspects of the game (not necessarily the mechanical aspects)
      • all of which will help us determine the assets for the game and what will still need to be don’t continuing on from where we are now
  • Rhys and James W – Working on elaborating on the existing code
    • Will allow us to further prototype the game, ensuring that they are keeping development logs of the prototypes made and version log of what version they are working on. Please keep change logs as well citing what changes have been made.
  • Rhys – Creation of very 5 basic assets for the game
    • Assets may include something such as:
      • Rocks, roots, etc
      • Light source should be consistent and from the top of the screen
  • Tom – Overall level design for the gameplay and complex animation list
    • Should outline mechanics for the entirety of the game. Saying what happens when
    • Should be a list citing the complicated and basic animations that will be needed within the game
  • Sam – Determination of UI to be used within the game
    • UI should cover everything from in-game iconography to menus and different screens
      • e.g. Gameplay, Start-up menu, Pause menu, collectible

Following on from the meeting we’d felt it was best that we had a sit down to determine Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.22.07.pngthe actual level that we would create from Tom’s initial ‘middle’ level design. We went through his book as a team and discussed the meeting and what we felt would fit properly for the level. Following are the notes taken on my laptop:

As you can see we ended up deciding on quite a basic level. This is due to after discussion we decided that it would probably be best to keep it relatively short due to time constraints and it would mean that the artists had almost too many different assets to work on.

We also discussed controls and what we felt would be best from the player’s point of view. This will hopefully result in an easy to play and understand game for the player.

The tasks are due to be completed by the 17th, at which point we will have another meeting to discuss our work.