Today we had our 3rd meeting. James W was not here due to being sick, and we went through the usual things such as making sure everybody was happy etc. Everybody had produced what was asked of them. Sam did some extra research on flowers – although not necessary it does provide for some interest. Tom produced all of the mechanic levels with variation, James made good progress on the coding. Rhys really threw the ball out of the park with his asset production – producing some really beautiful and interesting rocks to be used within the game. His work was stellar and he should be proud!

During our meeting, we determined that the next few weeks should be dedicated to asset and coding production as well as making sure that we are ready to do things such as implement sound effects. Because Rhys produced such lovely rocks we deemed him as the main asset creator.

This week’s tasks that need to be done are:

  • Syl – Finalisation of the aesthetics needed for the wolf level and continuation on animations
    • should determine asset layout as well as colour maps and general aesthetics
    • animations were put off from last week as level layout needed to be priority so other work could be continued on
  • Tom – Beginning research into sound effects
    • how they can be used in games
    • other games and how they have been used there
    • what could influence the sound within the game
    • forests/mossy areas and the noises associated
    • how sound affects can be made for games e.g. foley artistry, using stock sound etc.
  • Sam – Been lent to Chase’s team for work
  • James W – continuation on coding
    • really needs to make significant progress this week, at least determining most of the complex mechanics
      • ensuring that prototypes are being listed and documented
  • Rhys – Helping out with code WHERE NEEDED – Also producing some trees for final assets
    • Trees will be referenced from existing level layout that Sylvia produced last week
      • ensure to keep to the colours used within these layouts

Following Sylvia’s trip to Devon there is a whole load of reference images within the resource folder. These may be helpful when producing assets and level layouts.

Tasks should be finalised by Fri 24th.