4th meeting today, everybody was present for once which was nice. I made sure that everybody knew that they had to have their 4 weeks worth of blog posts ready and most of them did.  everybody seems to be more or less on track. James had been struggling a bit with the coding however with the right direction from tech support he should be okay. Tom and Rhys are making excellent effort and progress with minimal direction which is lovely. Sam appeared to get on ok with Chase’s work this past week. It’s brilliant to slowly see all of the puzzle pieces of the project slowly being made ready to fit together.

Continuing on from last week we will continue on with both asset production and code writing to get further along the development process. Sound effects should be starting to be made and assets should be becoming finalised within their final state – high quality PNGs.

This weeks tasks are as follow:

  • Syl – Continuation of animations, getting down more complicated ones as well as producing state charts to explain how animations will link in conjunction to mechanics.
    • this should aid the implementation so that we know what to put where and why
    • Ensuring that we can implement the animations within the game – using trial run code would also be desired.
  • Tom – Continuation of sound effect research
    • research should start being put to practical usage
    • producing trial runs of sound effects
    • effects should be produced and uploaded so we can see progress
  • Sam – Finalisation of UI designed in week 2
    • UI should be in its final state, including that of animations
    • ensuring that any extra exploration is run past the group, and the group is being kept up to date with work
  • Rhys – Continuation of basic assets
    • Trees that are normal for background assets, not too twisted
    • looking at existing colour schemes to produce variation within work
  • James – Continuation on coding complex mechanics
    • please ensure that the files are accessible to all via a drive
    • Refer to tech support whenever you struggle

Please ensure that blog posts are being updated AT LEAST 1 time a week. Ensure that you run past both the group and the leader to ensure that you are staying on track.

Final deadline for these tasks is: Fri 3rd march