5th meeting today, these sprints are just flying by! Everybody was present again which was great! It’s good to see people having a proactive approach to this project. Everybody seems to be on track which is great. The UI appears to be taking a bit longer than we originally thought, however, this doesn’t so far appear to be putting stress on the other aspects of the game. Apart from the under estimate, everything else seems to be going to track. Programming and artwork so far are keeping to task with little to no problems.

Continuing on from last week we are making it our goal to pump out prototype ready assets and to start actually making various prototypes with logs for them. Animations should start being implemented and sound-effects should be being made at a good rate. all of the artwork should be saved in its relevant file type ready to be imported into the game.

This week’s tasks are as follow:

  • Syl – continuing on more animations getting down the final of Able’s animations and starting to implement
    • starting to prototype the animations within the game to make sure that they are working correctly
    • making sure to show the animation process in blog posts and doing relevant research where needed
  • Tom – Sound effect creation ready to be implemented within the game
    • sounds should be recorded and sourced well
    • editing process should be documented in your blog, explaining what was done, what worked and what didn’t
  • Sam – Creation of Final UI interaction items
    • UI should be in its final state ready to be put into the game when needed
    • Animations and interactions for buttons should be completed
    • any extra animation work for the rest of the UI will be desirable
  • Rhys – Working on the ‘furthest’ background within the game
    • creation of this background for ALL 3 sections of the game
    • please run by Syl if you have any issues
    • show the group a ‘test run’ to ensure you are doing it correctly
    • use of relevant motion blurs and gradients to get desired effect
  • James – Continuation on programming, aiding people on implementing their parts into the prototype
    • can also start work on music, please show us!
    • make sure everything is documented, including that of music dev

Please ensure that blog posts are being updated AT LEAST 1 time a week. Ensure that you run past both the group and the leader to ensure that you are staying on track.

Deadline for this work is 10th of march