Below is a list of all of the animations that have so far been completed for the game.

Able Animations

As they are they exist in the following order:

  1. Walk
  2. Run
  3. Running/walking jump
  4. Kick
  5. Idle – Sway
  6. Crouch – will be split into ‘down’, ‘sit’ and ‘up’
  7. Crouch walk
  8. Pick up – split into ‘down’ and ‘up’
  9. Idle – Main stand
  10. Idle – Turn and look

Forgotten child

As they are they exist in the following order:

  1. Idle with flower
  2. Idle without flower

The Big bad Woof

As they are they exist in the following order:

  1. Idle
  2. Walk

All animations can be found at their final ready to be in the game state at:

Specifications for the animations

technical specs:

  • 600×600 px (for all but the woof)
    • Large enough to show the grain and not be pixelated if shown on
      the big screen, also not too large as Able is supposed to be quite small on the screen.
  • 1000×1200 px For the woof
    • Large enough to have the wolf be twice the size of Able whilst still maintaining his detail.
  • 75-300 DPI
    • Allows for slight scaling upwards in case she needs to be, as well as being a standard.

The backgroundScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 13.59.48

The background of the main animation/s in the final .PNG should be transparent. However,
up to that point, this standard scaling background should be used. The gray makes it easier to establish the tones within the piece. The line of contact assures that the animation will be reaching the correct point and that Able/The character remains a consistent height throughout. The marks on the floor allow for the animator to know the center point of contact if the animation requires a steady foot for the character to balance upon.

Notes on an easier workflow

The head 

The head of the character should remain consistent, this should be achieved by either utilising existing heads or drawing one out and copy-pasting it on all of the frames. The heads may be tilted or even redrawn if there is a turn on the Z axis. However, apart from that no edits should be made

Colours and composition for Able

Ables dress’s flowers and white trim should be copy and pasted from previous animations. These may be transformed using the ‘warp’ tool under transform to fit the form in that specific frame (a rotation must rely on creation of new flowers and headpiece to fit this).


  • Able main dress colour – #af8e95
  • Able dress shadow – #80727d (the main dress side shadow should be put on with opacity via brush pressure, allowing for a lighter tone (about #9c838b))
  • Able dress under head shadow – #504a4d
  • Able leg and neck colour – #1a1a1a
  • Able eye colour – #fdfdfd

Colours and composition for the forgotten child

The child’s shirt should be applied via a clipping mask on each frame, this will allow the pattern to remain the same throughout.


  • Forgotten Child’s Shirt colour 1 – #eddede
  • Forgotten Child’s Shirt colour 2 – #de8d31
  • Forgotten Child’s Shadow colour – #b4c5c8 (lighter shading), #7e8491 (darker shading) (this should be applied on a multiply layer via a clipping mask)
  • Forgotten Child’s trouser colour – #86a6c7
  • Forgotten Child’s neck and foot colour – #121111

A version of the Forgotten Child should be made with the flower on its head. The shading on this may be applied via a Blending option of ‘drop shadow’ this will allow for a consistent shadow over all the frames with minimal effort.

Colours and composition for the Big bad Woof

The woof’s neck fluff should be copied and pasted from each frame with the odd bit of highlighting/shading applied after. This should be done after the fluff has been transformed to fit that current frame.


  • Woof’s main fur colour – #232826
  • Woof’s shadow colour – #171b1b
  • Woof’s Red tip colour – #933d2b (this should be applied over the main structure via a soft light layer mode to get the desired shades)
  • Woof’s Highlight colour – #2b3230

Brush Usage

The brush that should be used is the 3rd under the ‘paint’ section in Syl’s brush pack. Below is both the stroke sample and how/where it should appear on the list:


Animations should be created at 0.0sec delay on photoshop, exported into a GIF to show the flow and then saved as separate .PNG images into their own respective folders to be sent on to the programmer. Prior to this ensure that the animation’s feet (where applicable)  are on the bottom of the canvas by selecting all of the frames and moving them down.

Sylvia Wilson Version 2.1