Today was meeting 6, all seems to be going well and the weeks are going past so quickly. People have been told that from now on I’m expecting them to be in at 10 am on Fridays for now on, just to stop anybody waiting around and/or possible wastes of time. The UI unfortunately needs another week for completion as does the furthest backgrounds. As both need more refinement and to be completed ready to go into the game. Everything else seems to be going on track. The animations I am doing are going a bit slower than anticipated due to their complex nature. However, providing I keep on track from now on it should be good.

As per we are still in the heavy prototyping phase. Ensuring that we make progress in all aspects of the game will ensure that we have things done in time for the deadline. Animations are going slow, however, they are slowly getting there. Producing rotoscopes have surely helped. The sound effects are making good progress, despite a small hiccup in which some got lost, and really fitting in the game. And the artwork is going well but will need to be more easily accessible via dropbox or something of the type.

This week’s tasks are as follow:

  • Syl – Continuing onward with animations and maybe beginning to produce some of the assets for the background of the game
    • Will need to try harder to produce more animations in a smaller time frame
    • Focus less on number of animations but more on the quality of those being made
    • Creation of a page that contains all of the animations on the main blog
  • Tom – Continuation of the creation of sound effects for the game
    • Ensure that they are fitting with the feeling of the game
    • Your blog should show your process
    • Start to upload them to a cloud ensuring that people have access to them
  • Sam – Finalisation of ALL of the ui
    • This should include the animations and all of the buttons
    • Should include the collectable screen
    • Make sure that they are available on your dropbox
  • Rhys – Continuation of the furthest background
    • Ensuring that they are all seamless and have the ability to flow
    • Refine them a bit more, don’t forget that they will have to fill the screen and look nice whilst doing it
    • Yet again if you need any help ask Syl
  • James – Start to implement the crouch into the game and start to include more animations within the actual prototype
    • Work on some music production on the side
    • Make sure you document both

In all its been a rather good week. Lots has been got done and everybody seems to be more or less on track. We had a talk during the meeting to decide the sentence that the forgotten child uses so that the player has some form of warning from them about the woof. The sentence that we have selected is ‘I tried to hide.. but he still heard me’. This should give good enough warning to the player.