Today we had our 7th meeting, its weird to think how quickly everything is going. Everybody seems more or less on track. Sam unfortunately didn’t manage to get all of the tasks done this week, due to this she is going to have to try to get them done as well as her set task for this next week. The sounds effects are making steady progress and the farthest backgrounds have been done to a good quality, the blend has been really good and I’m excited to see it implemented in the game. The coding has seen a few bugs however James is working to figure them out to further implement all of the assets and animations.

Overall our main target for this next week and the ones that follow is to pump out as many assets as possible to create a prototype by the end of march. We want something that shows the work that we have created so far and all of our progress. As Easter approaches it is obvious that we wont all be together to create. Because of this we will have to discuss in a further meeting about what we have still got to do and how we are going to go about it. So far this week the progress, although there, feels somewhat slow. This is due to the Reflective Journal deadline approaching which is understandable.

Following are the weeks tasks:

  • Syl – Completion of all of Able’s basic animations
    • possible start on the wolf animation
    • possible start on cut scene planning
  • Tom – Continuation of sound effect creation
    • should start to compile an asset list online of all of the sound effects that he has created and has yet to do
    • start to make the sound affects accessible to James so he can implement them
  • Sam – Look at the predetermined design work for the visual representation for the wolf’s noise detection and finalise. Final animation may be given to Syl if you cannot do it
    • Refer to the document Syl will be sending you for an outline of how it will need to look and its function
  • Rhys – Looking at level plans begin to create specific assets that are needed for the interactive foreground
    • Create some bushes etc that are loose from the background (separate layers for parallax)
  • James – Continuations with both music and coding
    • Begin to implement different assets including background/s and characters
    • Begin to impliment sound affects

These are due by: 24th march