Today we had our 8th meeting. Everything seems to be going well and people are more or less on track. Sam was a tad bit behind as she hadn’t completed the FINAL version of the sound stream, however, she is finishing that now. Tom and I went out and recorded a bunch of sound effects yesterday, so he is working on editing those. The coding is yet again making good progress, James has also been working on the sound and exploring how that can be made. Rhy produced a few assets and animations for the foreground, his animations were super cute and fit in with the environment very well. I managed to get all of the basic animations for Able out of the way.

Our main target for the next few weeks is to pump out the different builds of the games and incorporate as many of the assets as possible. As well as this we also need to work more on the actual documentation for our game, noting down specifications etc. Easter is going to be tough due to us not all being in the same place, but provided that we all keep in contact it should be okay.

Following are this weeks tasks:

  • Syl – Starting to look at how the big bad woof may be animated
    • Producing a few tests and exploring what would be the best way to go about producing him
    • Also making the floor for the game, making it look right for the game, get as much of the floor done as possible and look at any extra assets that we may need for the foreground
      • Go on to produce the extra assets
  • Tom – continuation of sound effects
    • Put together a sound effect asset list on the MAIN BLOG (able dev) defining the file type and describe what the sound is and its intended usage
  • Sam – Predominately with Chase
    • However please attempt to produce the animation for the ‘light effect’ if you cannot do it no worries, just be sure to document the process you took and let Syl know
  • Rhys – Working on the very front foreground items
    • Looking at the possibility of animating certain parts in this foreground
    • The items should be done using the lasso tool and with motion blur
    • Possibly looking at animating more items in the less immediate background
  • James – Start to produce more builds of the game, incorporating the assets
    • Start to put in more of the animations e.g. the Idles
    • Begin to implement the UI
    • Please also provide a screen recording of what you have so far so that others may document how their assets look in the actual game

Regarding ALL of your work, please begin to put links where you are sharing each of your individual pieces of work for ease of access. Also be sure to document the technical specification of the work that you are producing.

This is due on the 31st of March, since we will not be together please make sure that we are on messenger ready to show what we have done.

Have a great easter guys! and work hard, im proud of all of you 😀 – Syl