So this past week on the friday we had out9th ‘meeting’ i use quotations as because we were unable to meet in person i asked everybody to send me a PM with their individual blogs posts that showed their work. Sam is still currently on Chase’s team, and James and Rhys delivered showing their blog post and asking questions as to what to do next. I didnt end up hearing from tom until Tuesday unfortunately so i endeavour to chase him up sooner next time.

Everybody is more or less on track, we need to start seeing actual levels being created and play-tested within the engine, even if it is just utilising blocks for jumps etc. This will ensure that if we need to tweak anything in the final game then we can and well.

This weeks tasks are as follow:

  • Syl – Continuation of the creation of the ‘floor’ for the game, utilising Rhy’s assets to incorporate them into the floor and then continue to ‘cut’ up the scene and send off to James
    • Its gonna take a while but get as much done as possible. also begin to look more into the big bad woof animations
    • possibly reskin some of Able’s animations to fit them more into the ‘forgotten child’
  • Rhys – Creation of more foreground assets, utilising motion blur and the criticism provided
  • James  – start to create a playable game as well as continuation of incorporating assets
    • work more on the music
  • Tom – continuation of the sound asset list and uploading them into an open source
  • Sam – N/A

yet again done by this coming friday – please PM me your blog posts