So the week just gone on the 7th we had our 10th ‘meeting’ which was the second meeting of the easter break. During this meeting it was more or less just me going through on the group chat and asking if anybody had any issues and asking about the progress.

Because it is the easter break people are falling a little behind. However this was more or less accounted for and planned because obviously it is a break and people do need to rest. Rhys is doing well and is producing assets as in when needed. We haven’t really heard much off Tom however, looking at what he has uploaded on the main blog he looks more or less up to date. however, needs to make more of an effort to ensure that he is keeping up with the group. James is putting real effort in to ensure that the code is progressing and it has been good to see him asking for help when needed to ensure that he is making good progress. And sam has been with Chase so I cannot really comment. I (Syl) have made slow progress and need to ensure that I am keeping up with the workload and letting people know what to do when.

Following was the work to be completed by the 14th:

  • Syl – keep at those backgrounds. however start to work more on the woof animations until you get the required assets off of Rhys
    • woof animations dont need to be completed however at least a few planned out and possibly blocked
  • Rhys – creation of foreground assets to be added to the  main background. needs to be thigns such as flowers, bushes, plants etc.
  • James – Keep doing your thing and planning out the playable game and executing this
  • Tom – keep doing your sound thing
  • Sam – N/A

This should be done by the 14th