This past week has been a bit of a hit and miss for everybody I believe. Rhys pumped out the assets as per usual and made sure to keep doing his thing. I think more or less at this point people are confident in knowing what they’re doing and are continuing doing their own thing for the project without much prompting. which is good. However, people need to ensure that they are focusing on their work (me included) and getting things done and ready for implementation in the final game.

Yet again I haven’t heart much from Yom, but i hope that he knows that we need to get as much work done as possible. I had a few technical problems with my laptop as it started to overheat so i unfortunately didnt manage to get much done this week. However upon having it fixed im planning on knuckling down. Yet again its been great to see James doing the best he can to understand the code and make it as good as he can.

overall things are very much like they were last week, so ill just copy paste from there.

To be completed by the 21st:


  • Syl – keep at those backgrounds. however start to work more on the woof animations until you get the required assets off of Rhys
    • woof animations dont need to be completed however at least a few planned out and possibly blocked
  • Rhys – creation of foreground assets to be added to the  main background. needs to be thigns such as flowers, bushes, plants etc.
  • James – Keep doing your thing and planning out the playable game and executing this
  • Tom – keep doing your sound thing
  • Sam – N/A

Im hoping to see you guys knuckle down this week to start to get back into the groove.