Over the past few weeks we hadn’t had a proper meeting up till now. So it was refreshing to see everybody and see where everybody was at. Luckily everybody seems to be more or less on track. James is keeping up with the coding and implementing things, Rhys is making good progress on the assets, and Tom is making slow but good progress to the sound effects. I believe that we finally have Sam back working with us this week so we should be set to make even quicker progress.

Easter was a slow time, however it is nice to see people making progress without being prompted or overly told what to do. Although slow, we did make good progress which means that now a solid 1/3 of the game is playable. There is however, still a lot of work to do. But i do believe that we can do it!

After a brief meeting to determine where everybody is at it allowed me to gauge that we are more or less on track and people still more or less know what they are doing. I have asked Tom to work on the completion of the sound affects as soon as possible because he has been working on them for quite a while. I also covered to James that if the music is not completed by 2 weeks prior to the hand in then i will hand over the responsibility to Tom.

Following are the tasks for the week:

  • Syl – Continue working on the assembly of the backgrounds, the woof animations and the important assets
    • ensure that you are utilizing the assets that Rhys has made for the project
  • Rhys – Continuation on creation of small foreground assets as well as starting to add more animations so that we can integrate them into the environment
  • James – Continuation of coding, starting to put together more of the level
  • Tom – Finalisation of the sound affects
    • Researching into possible UI integration within the code and let us know if you can do it or not
  • Sam – Working on the visual sound animation
    • Working on adding lighting into the game and experimenting how different lighting can look and showing us how it works

These should be completed/continuation of work on by 5th may.