These are all the environmental assets for able, includes art such as rocks, trees and various plants. There are also animations for the environment along with the back ground and foreground art.


Here are all the plant assets that may be featured within the games environment. I’ve created them as three types of plants. There are standard plants such as flowers and weeds, then fungi and mushrooms and lastly bushes and small trees.


Here is all the art for the trees within the environment, there are three style of trees and also three alternative colours to represent the tone of that particular level.


These are the rock assets in the game once again there are three main type of rock designs with different colour tones and moss.

Other Assets:

These are assets that able can interact with but are not natural environment.



Here are the animations that may be triggered when able walks past or are constantly playing. some are for the background and some are for the foreground. If the animation does not play just click on the gif.




These are all the assets for the foreground they have a shadow like effect to not distract from the main game in conjunction with a motion blur.


Here are the backgrounds for the parallax scroll, there each of the three different level types with one being the complete level and two of the transition levels.

trans 1trans2bg1bg2bg3final bg able


Rhys Shepherd