So it has been really nice to get back into the flow of things within this project. Everybody has started knuckling down and getting quite a bit of work done, this has been a bit of relief. Im sure that we are on track at this point and doing well. The game is getting more and more integrated to the build.

The sound effects have been completed by Tom, and James has been busy making sure that the 1st 3rd of the game has been completed up to perfection. I (Syl) have been busy creating animations for the forgotten child and any extra assets that may be needed, as well as exporting them and providing them to James to be integrated into the build. Sam has been looking extensively into lighting and the different areas and how they may be used within the game to provide atmosphere. Rhys has been doing his usual things and making some lovely assets.

We held our usual meeting to ensure that everybody is happy and knowing what they are doing, because Sam and Tom had completed their current tasks it was time to move them on.

Below are the following tasks for this next week:

  • Syl – Continuation of the background assembly – going for the second 3rd of the game complete
  • Rhys – Focusing more on animations for the background, ready to be implemented
  • Sam – Finalisation of the sound wave animation
  • James – Continuation of implementation of things within the build
  • Tom – looking at the UI and how his may be implemented
    • Reporting information back to James