The game as it stands is both looking and playing nicely. James is working hard to ensure that the code is up to scratch and is working as needed, its just a case of putting in each area of the game and making sure that it flows nicely. Sam managed to get the ‘sound’ animations completed and has been working hard to get some lighting figured out so that it looks nice and effective.

Rhys’s animations have been good however it would have been nice to see a few more and because of this i have asked him to make some more this week just so that we can ensure that we have enough. As well as this i have asked him to ensure that they are sorted into separate folders and saved as individual PNGs so that the animations may be implemented easily.

Tom ended up struggling too much with the UI and James managed to figure it out anyways so he has now been put as responsible for the sounds and music within the game. This means that he needs to find  Royalty free music that we wont get in trouble for using. He has been doing this well as well as doing a good amount of testing to see what people like and do not like.

The following are the tasks for the next week:

  • James – Start to integrate the second part of the game as well as adding lighting and working on the small refinements in the first section to make a smooth flowing game.
  • Tom – Do some market research about music and what the different tracks make people feel. this should mean that we end up with the perfect track
  • Rhys – More environmental assets
    • making sure to export the assets as separate transparent PNGs following naming and sorting conventions
  • Syl – Finishing off backgrounds where applicable and starting to arrange that very close foreground
  • Sam – Finish off lighting experimenting and figuring out what will work and what will not work within the engine
    • Also working alongside James to test the game and refine areas to make sure that it working to its full potential