Over the past few weeks everybody has been putting their heads down and working hard to ensure that the game is ready for hand in. it has been a bit of a mess as to which week it is at this point because its all more or less blurring into 1 due to the non stop work. My reasoning for not documenting as of yet is due to having to get everything prepped and ready for insertion into the game. Thus ensuring that we have it all done.

We have had one meeting within this time frame which was more or less me just asking if anybody had any issues and if so to come to me, and if not to continue on with that people are doing.

Following is a list of what people have been asked to do as well as what they have let me know what they are doing:

  • Syl
    • Completion of the 3rd and final background, separated and ready for implementation
    • Finalisation of woof animations, ensuring that the most important ones are done and out of the way first before attempting more difficult and complex animations
    • Ensuring that the marketing blog is up and ready for hand in and exhibition
  • James
    • Continuation of the implementation of all the assets into the final game
    • Working with Sam to implement the lighting as to her guidelines
    • Finalisation of the programming to the game, making sure that it all runs smoothly and has each puzzle and area added
  • Sam
    • Working with James to implement the lighting into the game
    • Creation of the walkthrough for the game ready for the marketing blog
    • Creation of controls guide for the marketing blog
  • Tom
    • Working to find open source music and editing it to fit within the different sections of the game
    • Getting peoples opinions of the music and editing it further to ensure that it is prepped and ready to put into the game, making changes as opinions flow in
  • Rhys
    • Creation and finalisation of environmental assets
    • creation and finalisation of environmental animations
    • Ensuring that all animations are separated into separate PNGs and put into each corresponding folders to allow for easy implementation and navigation

For the final work I have let everybody know that they should get on with their individual documentation to ensure that it is all up to date and ready for hand in. However, I have also let them know that they need to ensure that they are available incase any issues arise and we require them. This is really just to cover our backs incase anything does go wrong, so we know where everybody is at.

onwards to hand in!