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Week 13-14-15 the final stretch

Over the past few weeks everybody has been putting their heads down and working hard to ensure that the game is ready for hand in. it has been a bit of a mess as to which week it is at... Continue Reading →

Week 15 – finally getting places

The game as it stands is both looking and playing nicely. James is working hard to ensure that the code is up to scratch and is working as needed, its just a case of putting in each area of the... Continue Reading →

week 14? – Good progress being made

So it has been really nice to get back into the flow of things within this project. Everybody has started knuckling down and getting quite a bit of work done, this has been a bit of relief. Im sure that... Continue Reading →

Week 12/13? – Back to uni

Over the past few weeks we hadn't had a proper meeting up till now. So it was refreshing to see everybody and see where everybody was at. Luckily everybody seems to be more or less on track. James is keeping... Continue Reading →

Meeting 11 – lets be honest its easter

This past week has been a bit of a hit and miss for everybody I believe. Rhys pumped out the assets as per usual and made sure to keep doing his thing. I think more or less at this point... Continue Reading →

Meeting 10 – yet again easter woo

So the week just gone on the 7th we had our 10th 'meeting' which was the second meeting of the easter break. During this meeting it was more or less just me going through on the group chat and asking... Continue Reading →

Meeting 9 – Easter break not really a meeting

So this past week on the friday we had out9th 'meeting' i use quotations as because we were unable to meet in person i asked everybody to send me a PM with their individual blogs posts that showed their work.... Continue Reading →

Meeting 8 – Hello easter break

Today we had our 8th meeting. Everything seems to be going well and people are more or less on track. Sam was a tad bit behind as she hadn't completed the FINAL version of the sound stream, however, she is... Continue Reading →

Meeting 7 – Prototype planning

Today we had our 7th meeting, its weird to think how quickly everything is going. Everybody seems more or less on track. Sam unfortunately didn't manage to get all of the tasks done this week, due to this she is... Continue Reading →

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