Level Overview

For the verticle slice of Able, the primary focus is that of introducing the main character, Able, and introducing the mechanics. And then from there going on to use the mechanics to beat the enemy. This ‘level’should show off all of the best parts of the game, the fluid animation and beautiful environments as well as intuitive mechanics. This slice should be atmospheric and feature few situational animations that will make it a lot more interesting to look at.

The format for the game is as follows:

  1. Introduction to basic mechanics, and intro screen
  2. Introduction into complex mechanics via environmental challenges
  3. Wolf level (see GDD for details about the level)

The game will end with a cut scene showing the wolf going down, and ultimately ending the slice.

Target audience

Because of the themes within the game, the main target audience will be that of 12+
180px-pegi_12-svgalthough not necessarily violent or bloody this game does contain subjects to do with murder and children. The game itself will contain puzzles that will be introduced however the player will have to work them out as they go; because of this, anybody under the age of 12 may not have the ability to be able to work them out on a whim.

Some of the creatures within the game may appear as quite disturbing to anybody between the ages of 3-7 due to the way they move and their design. This has been another reason for the age group.


The genre of this game is an adventure – thriller. This is due to both its explorative nature as well as its dark themes. The gameplay also takes the use of situational jump scares in the form of quick time events for the player which should hopefully really land the player feeling on-edge.


The platform of this game will be on Mac and PC. This is because they are both highly adaptive platforms and have the opportunity for a range of controls and the ability to easily build for. This is due to the small amount of technical limitations I need to take into account. It will also mean that it is easy to test on these platforms.


  • Interconnected animations
  • Animation for all complete behaviors
  • Highly interactive environment
  • Intuitive mechanics and gameplay
  • Player will be able to explore a beautifully rendered world

Project Goals

Following is the experience that we wish for the player to have:

  • To create a game that is both visually stunning and mechanically sound that it creates an experience for that player that they can remember and become engulfed in.
  • To make the player feel truly vulnerable and alone in a large world by using a sense of scale and by implementing characters that the player will never interact with but they will forever have a presence within the game.
  • To use riddles to communicate to the player, to never quite let them know the true fate of the character but heavily suggest it through jumbled words and visual suggestion.
  • To create original mechanics that use visual cues to communicate to the player what they have to do without revealing it through the use of text instruction.


We are aiming for the entirety of the project to be finished by the 22nd May. However, we will aim to be finished 2 weeks prior to this hand-in date. This will allow us to collate our work and ensure that it is the best that it can be.

Project boundaries

Because of our small time-frame, there are obviously some boundaries within the project that we need to take into account. Such boundaries include that of timeframe issues. We need to ensure that our game is sound within the time-frame, this means ensuring that we are all keeping to task and set deadlines within our own work. We will have to ensure that although it is supposed to be a visually stunning game, that we do not over-work ourselves and make sure that we know what we are capable of from the start.


Sylvia Wilson Version: 0.4