This blog is intended to be the Able project development blog. This is here to collate our development work as a team so that we have a place where all of the development is easily accessible for all of the group. Within this blog there are items from all of the members of the team. These should be labelled as such (with the name) at the bottom as well as contain the version number.


  • Development Menu

Under the development menu you will find the sections which will contain each individual development item, these will be labelled with names.

  • Meetings menu

Under the meeting menu you will find the meeting minutes written out by Sylvia. These are labeled with the sprint number which dictates the week number of the meeting.

Individual blogs

Alongside this main development blog each member of the team has their own individual development blog where they have written down their progress as they have developed their each individual area.

Sylvia – Project lead and Animation

Tom – Sound effects, music and level design

Rhys – Asset creation

James – Coding

Sam – UI and effects


Sylvia Wilson 0.1